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irst said, looking at Xu Xian. Jian Xiao had already rushed over, tugging at Xu Xian’s trouser legs. The little white dog scratched Jian Xiao with his front paw in Xu Xian’s arms. (Three orders and five applications of the heavenly dynasty not to allow animals to become fine. The two of meows only have this trend. They seem to be similar. But don’t hurt me again and give me a bitch!) “Don’t make trouble, go home.” Xu Xian stood up and whispered Xiao Xiao The white dog said, and then turned to go upstairs. Han Guo was stunned there, but Jian Xiao didn’t have as many complicated thoughts as him, and moved straight to chase after him. Xu Xian almost tripped, frowned, turned his head and kicked, and continued to walk upward. The little white dog looked at Jian Xiao and barked, but it was a small dog after all. Jumping up step by step is very hard. “Come back!!” Suddenly, Jian Xiao was shocked and said nothing. Xu Xian also trembled, frowning and turning his head. But Han Guo didn’t look at her at all, but frowned