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and said, “Xu Xian didn’t go to work out?” “Kim Taeyeon nodded: “I didn’t go… You should know the best, right?” Han Guo glared at her: “How can I know?” ! Why are you talking so adult style suddenly like sunny! “Kim Taeyeon laughed: “She doesn’t seem to have been in front of you, right? Kim Taeyeon murmured with a glance at him, “You always look at her with adult style eyes.” “Han Guo Burden shouted: “A wave has not settled yet another wave rises?” ! Just now, I and Xu Xian are still talking about sunny and me? ! Kim Taeyeon chuckled. There was silence for a while. Looking at Han Guo, Kim Taeyeon pointed to his nose. He tentatively said: “Paying such a price… Did it succeed or not?” Han Guo looked at Kim Taeyeon in astonishment, who was holding back his laugh. Suddenly gritted his teeth: “What am I…” When he finished speaking, he really wanted to bump into something. Kim Taeyeon was startled and waved his hand: “Aniani! ! I won’t ask! Don’t be so excited. “But it’s because Kim Taeyeon looked at the fron