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mother and I are just a daughter. Since she was a young girl, she’s very smart and sensible, don’t worry about it. Suddenly she caused such a misunderstanding with you. She has become more sensitive and has a lot of rudeness. I hope you don’t mind. Han Guo touched his nose. Tan Shou smiled and said, “I hope she can understand. Actually, I can’t move away.” Otherwise, it might have been…” “What is this? “Xu Xian cocked his legs and fiddled with drinks in silence. Xu’s father frowned and interrupted Han Guo: “Are you too polite?” Moving this kind of thing is your own business, no one can control where you want to live. Han Guo smiled and didn’t say much. Xu’s father had a pause and looked at Han Guo and said, “I know. She went to Representative Han to put pressure and burden on you. “Pointing to Xu Xian, Xu’s father looked at Han Guo: “Don’t talk about your help to Zhuxian, just say that Zhuxian from my family hasn’t had to worry about us since she was young. Now she has grown up a long time ago. The company’