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ly pass for the fat man, bowed to salute, and added more to show his gratitude, Kang Sang Hamida, zzang, O(∩_∩)OWhen Han was about to get off work at night, he suddenly received a text message. Calabash bottle. He was officially informed that Yuri and Yoona were both… and they were gone. Han Guo frowned and put away, was silent for a while, then turned and walked towards the acting studio. Miao’s hasn’t had a mild weather forecast yet. It feels that the system automatically forwards the prompt. Arriving in the house, it really arrived. Xu Xian sat with her legs folded and listened. Today’s attire is not so excessive. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to it these days, although it’s still hot pants and a small vest…Why don’t girls have a set of clothes for days when they’re clean? Han Guo shook his head and saw Yuri and Lin Yooner giggling and discussing what they were talking about. When they saw Han coming, they fell silent and greeted with a strange expression. “Hotel!” What kind of character Han had,