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: “No way. I didn’t dare to touch it directly. Let people know that it was Girls’ Generation Yuri who entered such a pub, and something might happen again.” Han Guo laughed: “Why do you say Again?” Yuri gave him an angry look, then suddenly clapped his hands: “Right. What kind of state does this character want? I always feel that it’s not the real one…” “You’re right.” Han Guo interrupted Yuri: ” I’m just trying to remind you. The scale of this movie is like this.” After a pause, Han Guo said: “The word sultry, do you understand?” Yuri frowned and looked at Han Guo: “The Korean writer means…” Han Guo nodded: “You said there is no emotional drama? In fact, the actor I just played in the small training, actually has the kind of savage girlfriend love with the heroine Han Youxi. But obviously at least the first or the entire three, The love between the two will not really highlight. It just gives everyone a plausible feeling. Because of Han Youxi’s appearance, internal personality, family background, and eve