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. Xu Xian curled the corners of his mouth and smiled brightly and said nothing. Han Guo was stunned, but also smiled and nodded: “Alright, you are right. What I did was what I did, and what you did was what you did. It’s really not the same thing.” Xu Xian nodded and smiled: “You It’s good to eat happily.” Han Guo wiped his mouth, looking at Xu Xian puzzledly, “I’m happy to eat?” Xu Xian laughed, “Why not can? Of course I am happy if I eat what I like. “Han Guo took a look at Ramen, which is what Tianchao calls instant noodles. He then looked at Xu Xian, then the noodles, and then her…” “At first, Seo Hyun didn’t react. But then suddenly he turned his head and smiled, turning his hair away and looking at Han Guo: “Ui~ I know that ramen should not be the favorite of Korean writer Nim with such good cooking, but you just tasted it so delicious. , Is it also considered as a change of direction certification? Han Guo nodded: “I think so.” Xu Xian wrinkled his nose and looked at Han Guo. Han Guo dropped the tiss