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O(To be continued~^~) Chapter 565 is down to a small “Haha. The Korean writer is very considerate.” Go into the youth dormitory with Xu Xian Lin Yun’er behind the hall suddenly turned her head and glanced outside. With a faint smile, Xu Xian embraced Xu Xian and entered the elevator. Seo Hyun paused, looked at Lin Yoona, and spoke for a long time: “What did Ernie say?” Lin Yoona laughed and hugged her: “Ah, don’t you know, the Korean writer’s car has been following behind and turned around when we came in. Going.” Xu Xian was silent, and soon she turned her hair away and said: “Really?” Lin Yuner looked at Xu Xian, frowning and asked: “It was because you broke his nose after I got off the car yesterday. Angry?” Xu Xian shook his head: “No.” Lin Yuner nodded, just as the elevator door opened. Hug Xu Xian into the young dormitory together. They all seem to be in their own rooms, or are all asleep? However, seeing Kim Taeyeon coming out of the room and looking at the two, Seo Hyun was taken aback for a moment, a