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expressions, speeches, manners and even smiles and micro-expressions…” Han Guo said, “With me, a little bit of detail is built into a living person, a three-dimensional image. It’s like 3D modeling. The model is built and given flesh and blood. Then this character is you and not you. She will have her own. Exercise. It is equivalent to copying a person, using your DNA to copy a person who is exactly the same as you. Then use your character, your smile, your appearance, height, and everything, to follow your character, your expression, your emotions, but It’s not the same thing.” Lin Yuner listened to heavenly scriptures. He looked at Han Guo with his mouth slightly open… Han Guo smiled and pointed at Lin Yuner. Lin Yoona reacted and smiled. He glanced at him, but he said: “Are you a human brain? It looks like a computer.” Han Guo was taken aback, and suddenly clapped his hands: “That’s how I feel. Sometimes I want to watch science fiction films have that kind of equipment. One. Connect a wire to your bra