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Lin Yoona suddenly realized that something was wrong, because Han Guo was lying there with his face covered and didn’t get up at all. And Xu Xian put away his smile, squatted down with wide eyes. Han Guo’s hand covering his face…red liquid came out of his fingers. Blood. Blood…(The first one is coming. Thank you for dreaming for a thousand years xi, soft is my xi, oops*^_^*Sprite xi,, Yunzangfeng xi, attachments do not happen xi, , Ice/fruit xi, Taeyeon’s love xi, soft is my xi, the time I have loved xi, snoring little ball xi, dozing otter xi, and Gan X Yuan Henry Zhen xi’s rewards, Thank you. Thank you Wushuang Xianyuan xi, Flying Swordsman Feitian xi, Fenglingcaoxiang xi, King of Jueji xi, and Stone on the Cloud xi for your monthly tickets. Thank you for giving the Fatty Korean Entertainment vote and click to subscribe to the collection. Salanghei.zzang.O(∩_∩)O(To be continued~^~) PS: Then there are 124 leagues, the fat man broke the record. It is said that the record is broken and I want to play Ten!!