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ears are still the same, and I still haven’t been able to touch

it. Speaking of this, the baby’s tears are streaming down again. It

sounds so simple, but in fact, it can only rely on fate. I can only look at Klein’s face and feel a little He asked clearly: When 新西安夜网

I said to help you accommodate the’uniqueness’, you vaguely grasped that opportunity? The

chubby baby cried even more sadly:

Although I haven’t found it yet, I have a certain premonition

. .Aung Sai Ting first contacted me, in addition to hope to get the help of yesterday, he was still driven by luck? What a magic 西安耍耍网 stick, Klein said:

Then there is no way

but you can give a few more spells of that kind! Will Uncertain nodded his head seriously.

Okay. Klein responded without hesitation at all, and then added, you have to fold me a few thousand paper cranes.

After that, the baby wrapped in silver silk and He fell silent again at the same time. In the

rental house, Klein, who woke up from his dream, turned over and got up, walked to the room outside, took out a pen 西安耍耍网 and paper, and began to write to Leonard:

I got something from the’divination house’ The high-sequence spells allow people to borrow strength from the past self.

Klein didn’t mention whether the poet classmates needed it, and seemed to be just a simple description. After

folding the letter paper, he took out a gold coin and a 新西安夜网 rectangular diamond The adventurer’s harmonica sounded like a charm

. Renette Tinicor, wearing a gloomy and complicated long dress, walked out of the void with four blond and red-eyed heads, and all eyes were cast at the same time on the spell

that reappeared yesterday. The four heads spoke in turn and said:

Who are you going to deal with this time?

Klein sighed and smiled and said: It’s

not sure yet.

I’m going to try to sabotage George III’s 西安桑拿网 plot. You may need your help at a critical moment.

Renette Tinicole’s four blonde and red-eyed heads immediately replied:

This sounds very dangerous. You

need to pay

more for th