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n the family party of the Corsicans. The criminal organizations in the lower city are all loyal to this mysterious man, respectfully. He gave one-fifth of his monthly income in the hope that the shaman would give them a license.

And the recorder also made assumptions based on the textual evidence, re-deduced the content and transactions of the shaman and various gangsters, and included many rumors. All kinds of descriptions are very graphic, which makes people want to see them.

As a result, when the most critical place was reached, when the shaman and the nobles who secretly intervened in the smuggling business were engaged in a confrontation, the bottom was suddenly gone. It ends with a 西安夜生活论坛 missing sentence, which is simply disappointing.

“Is the author going to be a castrator! Why are there no more below?”

Ye Qingxuan muttered, put the file back, and pulled out a new one from the same row. This time it was

“The Flesh Butcher: The White Ju Hotel Slaughter “Event Analysis”?”

Ye Qingxuan was 西安夜网论坛 taken aback, and then pulled out another book: “”Soul Eater Processing Report”?”

followed by “Ghost Hand: Criminal Record” and “Ghost Carriage: Route Analysis and Sorting” to the end , He finally understood what the entire bookshelf was.

Hey, hey, are they all the investigation files of the ten legends of Avalon?

Chapter 89 The Dark Legend (Part 2)

of the Ten Great Ye Qingxuan has always thought that the so-called Ten Great Legends are just folk rumors of the Association. But Ye Qingxuan always felt that these things were too mysterious and had no credibility.

But now that a whole bookcase of records was placed in front of him, he began to feel that things 西安耍耍网 were not that simple.

Shaman, the mysterious man who made the rules for the entire Avalon crime world, Avalon’s dark king, once ruled The entire 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Xiacheng district was lost until mysterious disappearance six years ago.

The Baiju Hotel Massacre-Three years ago, the top hotel in Avalon was bloodbathed overnight, and all of them, regardless of gender, age,