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The ghost hand rebuffed coldly, his eyes gloomy: “As the shaman said, you are strictly forbidden to appear in this city again.”

“Ahahaha, that’s really an unbearable past. He accidentally grabbed the handle before. It made me a little embarrassed. Just forget about these things, please don’t care.” The

young man smiled heartlessly, paused, and seemed to reveal a secret that not many people knew, and his eyes mocked: “Follow Hasn’t he been missing for a long time?” After

saying a word , everyone was stunned.

Those burly underground servants paused, as if they had 新西安夜网 heard incredible things. Some of them looked at the ghost hand suspiciously, some were confused, and some changed their eyes and became dangerous.

But the ghost hand was still cold and expressionless:

“This is not something you should care about. Even if he is not there, Avalon is still the shaman’s world.”

“Oh, is it? But I didn’t seem to find one from those gangs. A little bit of loyalty.”

On the high chair, Hermes looked down at the ghost hand, shook his head slowly, and made a sound in his mouth, as if looking at some rare thing:

“Now the group of Corsi who eats in Xiacheng Jiaren, Caucasians and Tianzhu people have ignored his orders, including the old woman who only abducts and sells children in the sewers, isn’t it also planning to make a living on her own? The

shaman has 西安夜生活网 lost power, ghost hand, new The people who came don’t even know who he is. It’s just you, a dogleg who is loyal and holding his thigh as a treasure.”

“I don’t want to say more than that.” The

ghost hand stepped on the sewage and walked forward, just watching. He looked at the road behind him: “–You should get out of the way.”

“Do you want to do it to me?”

Hermes looked at the black leather glove on the left hand of the ghost hand, and slowly 西安桑拿网 leaned over his ear. Bian said softly, “Don’t forget where you bought your hand.”

Guishou said, “The two people are the ones the shaman is looking for.”

“It is not the shaman who wants to find them, but