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ng Dumbledore’s guidance, Cornelius 西安耍耍网 Fudge walked to the place where his brand was placed and sat down.

There was no food on the shiny golden plate, which was quite in line with what he remembered. When Principal Gewarts announced the meal, food would appear on each table.

However, Cornelius Fudge keenly noticed that everyone on the faculty seat had an exquisite small menu in front of them. In front of the people in the Ministry of Magic, there are two menus.

“This is” 西安桑拿网

Cornelius Fudge picked up the two menus and looked at Dumbledore with some confusion.

“As I said before, Hogwarts A new dining mode is being tried out. The dishes on each college table are more dependent on the types of crops the students choose to grow in their respective gardens. In order to avoid waste, Hogwarts has changed from the original banquet format. It became a buffet order mode.”

Dumbledore smiled gently, pointed to the little wizards who were gradually walking into the auditorium, and explained to everyone in the Ministry of Magic.

“It’s hard to come back to Hogwarts, everyone. Therefore, the kitchen specially prepared two menus for you to choose the standards of Hogwarts faculty garden, and the uniform standards of the college when you were studying at Hogwarts.”

While 西安夜生活第一论坛网 talking, Dumbledore carefully I looked at the menu in my hand, cleared my throat, and said very clearly.

“Eggs Benedict, fried okra, fried bacon”

The next moment, three steaming foods appeared on the golden dinner plate in front of Dumbledore.

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“Actually, I personally suggest”

Dumbledore glanced at the one from the Ministry of Magic Wizards, hesitated a little, and couldn’t help adding.

“You can consider using the portion of the faculty and staff because according to the current Hogwarts regulations, everyone has to eat as much as they order. Don’t waste it.”

“That’s it, Professor Dumbledore, you bothered.”

Connelly Fudge nodded suddenly, took a closer look at the menu in his hand, and found