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nded again.

on that illusory ancient stone wall clock, mottled gray pointer reverse rotation!

a grid , Two grids, 西安夜生活论坛 three grids, Klein saw that his skin quickly recovered its luster, and the markings faded and disappeared.

In just a few seconds, he recovered his original appearance, and his life never seemed to pass.

The power of the angel level is really close to the gods. I was just affected, and I almost died of old age. I don’t know if this can be resurrected by Klein. After getting into his own state, he hurriedly raised his head and said to Leonard Mitchell in mid-air:

How should the people who were parasitized by Amon be saved?

At this time, the illusory ancient clock behind Leonard quickly faded.

Turning into a patch of light, it penetrated into his body. Leonard tilted his head slightly, as if listening to something, and then said after a while:

The extraordinary characteristics of 新西安夜网 the’worm of time’ in their body have all been sucked out, and the rest Some of the lower parts are sucked out, and some are still left, but it will not cause much impact.Uh, the old man said that it is not too big, maybe it is not too big for the angels. Gods pray to see if they can be completely purified, but they can’t tell what happened, and the gods may not respond. If you are worried that there will be sequelae, you can 西安耍耍网 consider guiding them to, uh, that praying, all the extracted Everything belongs to you.

Perhaps you have personally experienced the battle at the angel level and saw the phantom of the snake of destiny. Leonard’s excitement and tremor are temporarily difficult to heal.

The people in this neighborhood are basically believers of the goddess, how can it be allowed They pray to the Fool? I don’t want to be taken into that misty town again. The goddess knows this very well, and asks them to pray to the goddess, and there is a high probability that they will get a certain response. Then, I will ask His Highness Arianna to spit them out. The insect of time is back to me, uh, I ca