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walking. Lord Lord himself has magnetic power that is not a problem, but Elizabeth obviously cannot jump directly to gamble on life and death. Richard simply grabbed her and started to sag down, and Elizabeth did not make any extra resistance. At least someone will set up a burial mound for me, and then I will worship it every year. He said softly. They are all dead anyway, is there any difference? Did you know that a person will die three times in his life. The fall caused Elizabeth’s hair to float slightly, scratching Richard’s face and itchy, the first time was a physical death, the second was a funeral, and the third was completely forgotten. Where you die, where you die, is a cemetery, and no one will remember. Lord Lord smiled silently. A philosopher once said that human happiness is always based on the pain of others, and he now believes in this. Elizabeth did not speak, but the sudden increase in breathing revealed her inner uneasiness. There was a rock slit at the end of the tunnel, and Richard bent over when he landed, and immediately opened one of his eyes. In this abyss at least two hundred and fifty yards from the ground, there is a vast cave made of volcanic rock. The light emitted by the fluorescent spores in the crystal lamp can’t shine on the dome at all, indicating that the height is at least 20 blades. Looking around, unexpectedly it was not so dark that I could not see my fingers, because the scattered rocky ground around him was emitting dim red light. The temperature must be very high, maybe it is magma that has just solidified. Although you can’t see anything with this little light alone, you won’t be blinded. This is the place of the Balrog? Richard took a deep breath, his nose filled with a faint smell of sulfur, and he did not know whether it came from the Balrog or the volcano itself. He took out the Dragon Crystal from his pocket and glared at Thutmose who was pretending to die inside. The little dragon soul had no choice but to flew out and explored in the direction he in