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he blood pond, and the abyss monster insects crawling around in the grass. Around the Abyss Spring, the White Dragon Lord 西安桑拿网 also discovered several evolved low-level demons. These low-level demons have evolved into demon species adapted to the snow environment, such as the white ice ape demon with thick hair and thick hair. Ice worms with thick carapace, and even some monsters directly evolve into ice monsters with half-ice elemental state. Without exception, the strength of these demons is only the first class. This is because the Winter Catastrophe has frozen all the wild demons who originally lived on this land, and the newly born demons have not yet grown up. After observing for a while, the invisible White Dragon Lord left the Fountain of Abyss and continued to search the earth. Finally, on the occasion of the Three Sunset Mountains, the White Dragon Lord found an anomaly on the ice-the footprints of his head could not be seen at a glance, which were the 西安耍耍网 traces of a large-scale demon march. With flapping his wings, the White Dragon Lord fell towards the footprints. The center of the marching route had been repeatedly trampled by too many demons. The owner of the footprints could no longer be seen. On the edge of the marching route, there were some complete footprints. This was seeing a huge complete footprint, the white dragon lord’s eyes shrank, and the name of a demon blurted out. Ice monkey demon! ! ! The Ice Ape Demon is a demon that adapts to the snowy environment. It looks like a huge white orangutan. If the Ice Ape Demon does not choose to evolve into other forms, as the strength increases, the size of the Ice Ape Demon will also become larger and larger. . And for such a huge footprint, the owner of this footprint is at least a master. A master ice monkey demon who follows the army! Lord White Dragon was solemn in his heart, and continued to look at other footprints, but he found the footprints of other demons in the snow environment. Such a large-scale demon adapted to the ice and snow en