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to settle here. This pond is too small. Just because there is a rock salt ore in the pond, the water in the puddle is salty. As long as you look at the hoof prints on the edge of the silt, it 西安夜生活论坛 is not difficult to know that this place is often visited by small groups of bison and demon antelope. Excellent hunting location. Large animals need to replenish the salt in their bodies from time to time. There are not many places where there is salt in the wasteland. Some animals often travel dozens of kilometers just to add a little salt.

Well, such a hunting location is also the object of competition for many hunters. Of course, the hunters here also include the wild wolves and hyenas on the wasteland. Compared with these beasts, the small colonies of lonely wasteland leopards and a few lionesses, we will never take it in our eyes. Regardless of how fierce the majestic prairie lion is like a calf, it is absolutely necessary to walk around groups of hyenas on this wasteland. We sprinkled the dung powder of some of the 西安夜网论坛 most ferocious primary Salamanders on the wasteland around the water puddle to prevent other trappers from approaching.

Qige and Katerina led the Aguimon to collect magical herbs from the grassland a kilometer away, like the main material of the moonlight potion, silver leaf grass. In this grassy meadow full of golden clover, it is like a little bit of stars. It was full of small silver flowers, and it turned out to be a sea of ??silver flowers. I never thought that wild silver-leaf grasses could be seen in the wild like wheat fields, growing densely on the pastures. It is said that the wasteland on the Pai Plateau is The paradise of low-level magic herbs. At first, we didn’t have any impressions. At this moment, we found out after we really entered the depths of the wasteland. The resources here are unimaginable. The orcs in 新西安夜网 the tribe are afraid that most of them guard the mountain without knowing it! Qige went crazy on the spot, and Catalina, who had been promised, would also follow us to