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the era of electronics.” Albert explained softly: “The magic world is much worse in this respect. Magic seems to cause electrical appliances. Interference, so the technology in the magic 西安夜网论坛 world is actually quite backward. All I know at the moment is only magic-modified radios.”

“The magic world still uses very old records. After I graduate, I will also build my own house here. . ”

” I thought you’d live in a world of wizards in it! “Daisy looked happy, she did not want their son to live in the magic community, and if suddenly missing one or two decades will certainly did not contact her by 西安夜生活第一论坛网 No.

“Are you going to work here?” Herb asked suddenly.

“No, in fact, with magic, making money becomes very easy, such as buying a lottery ticket to win the jackpot.” Albert blinked at Herb and said with a smile, “There is a profession called wizard Fortune-tellers, powerful fortune-tellers can foresee part of the future, and naturally they can also foresee the winning numbers of the lottery.” At

this 西安夜生活网 moment, the Andersons all looked at each other and never thought that Albert would say such things. To

make a fortune by winning?

“Son, I thought you would continue to think about financial matters.” Herb’s expression became even more weird. He didn’t want his son to use magic to do illegal things, even though he didn’t know if winning the prize was illegal.

Herbcong I have never doubted Albert’s ability. Maybe one day my son will suddenly

win a tens of millions of prizes. “Well, I just made a joke. The lottery is indeed the fastest to win the lottery, but predictions usually require this talent. , Becoming a great fortuneteller is not just a matter of hard work.” Albert explained in a joke, “I will only use runes for divination now.”

“Are you sure ?” Niya seemed Looks interested in fortune-telling. 西安耍耍网

“I don’t know.” Albert said uncertainly, “I have just started, so I should not be too accurate.”

“Try to help me fortune-telling.”

Chapter 253 My Son Going to attend an academic gathering?