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e matter, if I read correctly, it should be the last golden dragon living in the forest where the sun never sets?”

“Yes, it’s the lone seedling of old Favner!” Kuroroa also squinted and laughed at this time. “Speaking of which, during the war, old Favner was cheated by you, hard the top of its group of descendants of demons attack before the fall of crashed your castle, how do you see? by the way, in the way here, I have had a good education the younger generation a. ”

Kro At this time, Loya looked around and asked, “Ah, what about your real grand prince? Isn’t it going to wake up after such a big movement? Or is it that you, the grand princes of the thirteen clans decades ago?西安桑拿网 After causing the legendary Erics to make trouble once, did he actually suffer more trauma than the outside world.”

Balegang said calmly: “The Holy Blood Ceremony is about to be held, what about the princes? Will be distracted by such trivial things.”

Kuroroa thoughtfully, and then the radio wave finally connected with Balegang, frowned and said: “Then you didn’t tell them about the matter you were 西安夜生活第一论坛网 looking for me?”

“Let’s not talk about this.” Balegang sighed and said sternly: “Kuloloya, I also informed the other guys that before they arrive, you and I will join forces to suppress this young Fafner first. Well, I will really go to your village.”

“I will use some local products to greet your fat pig’s blood is not suitable? I must use our village’s strongest and most capable sow to greet you!”

“Kulolo Ya!”

I saw something shining behind the acting Grand Duke.

Kuluoluoya pupil contracted slightly a bit, “this is the year that trophy you ah, I think it put this Samut crackdown is down to business! I lead the charge, and then you come!”

Said, ranging from worship Le Gang responded, and Kuroroya gave a long scream, jumped down, and blasted the golden dragon stuck in the castle with a 西安夜生活网punch.

At this time, the vampire doors in the castle were also rushed out one after another, but in a moment, the vampires had b