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t me! Dare to come down 西安全城安排网 and fight me to the death! High-ranking fighter Ulandole was young and vigorous, and was about to respond, and Viscount Namxia quickly stopped. Ulandol! Don’t be fooled! Adjutant-Ulandole calmed down when he heard the words, and felt scared when he thought that he almost agreed. The barbarians advocate force. The chief of the tribe is the strongest of the tribe, and the chiefs of the big tribe generally have master-level strength. The barbarian in front of them can become the commander of the army and must be the best among the barbarian chiefs. A senior fighter confronts a master-level powerhouse, using his butt to think and know the result of the battle. Seeing that there was no sound from the tower, Perma Khan scolded again, and the words were very ugly. Not only ordinary sergeants, but also the well-trained Viscount Nam Xia, he took off the horn bow enchanted behind his back, drew a feather arrow from the quiver, and pulled the bow on the string. Whoosh! The arrow drove into the ground in front of the barbarian chief, mostly submerged in the soil, and the feathers of the arrow’s tail trembled violently outside. roll! Permahan 西安夜网论坛 looked at the soldiers on the castle tower whose arrows had been wound, and provocatively issued a choppy chop to the sky. Eggless head turtle! Perma Khan turned and left without leaving. Although he is a master-level expert, he can’t stop the continuous shooting of so many soldiers. Instead of being driven away by arrows, it is better to take the initiative to evacuate. of course, The deeper reason was that he sensed a warning message from a master-level strong behind the city wall. The barbarian chief returned to the barbarian team, and several high-ranking barbarians quickly surrounded him. These damn Rottweilers refuse to come out! Act as planned! understand! xN The 30,000 barbarian team is composed of more than a dozen barbarian tribes. The chiefs of each tribe drove their horses back to their respective teams. Subsequently, the 30,000 barbarian