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the throne.

One after another nails popped out of it, wedged deeply into Elizabeth’s spine, and connected to the nerve center. Layers of steel rose up, covering her, making her body blend with steel.

Until the end, the whole person was fixed on the throne, even the little finger 西安夜生活论坛 could not move.

At this moment, she has already connected to the huge hub, connected with countless branch facilities throughout Avalon, turning the earth into a body, using countless huge steel machinery as internal organs, and the ocean is rushing The etheric vein is her blood.

“The long-cherished wish of the ancestors of the past generations is here.”

In the 西安桑拿网 terrifying pain, Elizabeth’s blood protruded from the pores, and the dragon spurts like flames, sweeping, covering the entire Avalon, and everything They are all brought into their own control.

There was a difficult smile on the pale face, and she whispered softly:

“–Now, I am Avalon, I am Anglo.” After the

emperor has stepped on his throne and abandoned the mortal body, Using Longwei to implement steel and integrate with its 西安耍耍网 own land

This is a war that has been prepared for a hundred years ago.

Even if the emperor himself has to become a bargaining chip, the gamble on the gambling table at

this moment, the destructive dragon power has been strengthened thousands of times, emerging from the deepest part of the earth, like a torrent, just in an instant, the red lotus blooms in the ocean Above.

Just seeing it will sting your eyes.

Just 西安夜网论坛 being there will swallow everything.

Just touch, you will be involved in destruction.

The essence far more than Mary is thousands of times revealed from the dragon. In an instant, it tore several dark rivers and wiped out countless evildoers in the sea.

For so many years, Elizabeth has been struggling to contain the monsters in her body, but when this war came, 西安夜生活网 she finally didn’t need to endure and released the hungry beast from the cage.

This power and host are like this city and its shadow as one and tw