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quietly waiting for Tom Riddle action.

did not let Iraq As long as you waited, in this pitch-black space, a figure suddenly appeared next to him, and then the figure said.

“Hello, Hals, when we meet for the first time, I am Tom Riddle!”

Ivan Turning his head and looking over, he saw a handsome, black-haired boy who was fifteen or sixteen years old next to him. He was wearing a Slytherin robe with a bright prefect badge on his chest… ..

Ivan’s pupils shrunk slightly, very surprised. He did not expect that Tom Riddle as a Horcrux still 新西安夜网 retains the power to manifest his body…

“Hello, Tom, I have to say, you are better than I thought Much more handsome…” Ivan quickly sorted out his emotions and said with a smile.

I don’t know how Tom will disfigure himself in the future… Is this the price of power?

Ivan kept complaining in his heart, and at the same time stretched out his hand, intending to shake hands to confirm the status of the other party.

Tom stretched out 西安耍耍网 his hand and shook Ivan’s hand imaginarily…

Ivan felt that what he was grasping was not a physical entity, as if he could crush the opponent’s hand with force.

This made Yifan’s heart feel a little calm. Judging from the performance of the original time-space opponent in the secret room, he should be incapable of directly hurting people.

“Tom, what is this place, what are you taking me here for?” Ivan asked.

“The person who made me put magic on the diary so that I can meet you here…This is my memory world!”

Tom explained, and then waved his hand, and the dark space suddenly changed.

The billowing black mist kept surging, combining black and white to form a scene and a figure, and this monotonous world suddenly became agile as if being splashed with multicolored paint… 西安夜生活网

Ivan stared at the surroundings. , I found out that this is an orphanage, standing in the center… is a short black child.

Tom Riddle started his own narration with a trace of nostalgia..

“It is a long story. I grew up in a Muggle orph