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he people buried here? I want to send them home.”

The monk helped with the translator. “No one is buried under this banyan tree. Mr. Zhou who came to take refuge here only brought such a tombstone.”

Nanjing dragon and phoenix were sluggish for a moment? Hands folded and bowed slightly toward the monk?” Do you know where this tombstone came from?”

“You are the first group of Chinese people who came to Honglian Town in these years? And you noticed that stone tablet, come with me.” The monk waited for the interpreter to finish talking to Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix. This was barefoot and walked towards the direction of the temple without rush.

Nanjing dragon and phoenix signaled the others what to do. Under the guidance of the translator, he followed the monk alone through a banyan tree and walked to the gate of the splendid temple? At this time, the residents 西安夜生活论坛 of the town were lining up to enter the temple to pay homage to the temple. Naturally, the returned Buddha statues are extremely enthusiastic about the Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix who sent the Buddha statues back.

Following the appearance of the locals, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix sat on the steps and took off his thick high-waisted military boots and socks. After washing his hands, he walked up the steps with his bare feet and followed the monk’s translation into the temple.

Patience and worshipped the Buddha statue that came by riding his own ride. The translator led the Nanjing dragon and phoenix into a breezy room, holding a coconut sent by an underage monk? Using a reed tube to suck fresh Coconut milk.

Waiting until a coconut was drunk by him? The monk just walked into the room holding a dusty wooden 西安夜生活第一论坛网 box.

“This is left by Mr. Zhou who planted the banyan tree at

the time. ” The monk left enough time for the interpreter, and said unhurriedly. “In 1962? Mr. Zhou fled here from Dongyu? He did it for this. This temple has donated almost all of its wealth, only requiring that the stone tablet and this box be kept.”

“Where is Mr. Zh