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your face A little pale, with a lot of sweat on his face, did he get sunstroke? As a hunter, shouldn’t it be instinct to adapt to the environment?

Danitz raised his right hand, wiped off the sweat, 西安耍耍网 cursed in his heart, and forced a smile:

I once heard people say that once you believe in the evil god, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. As

he talked, his chin lifted up, as if I saw how you died, and he didn’t consider Gehr at all. Man Sparrow just offended the Aurora Society, and he was wanted by the true Creator believers, and he didn’t think of the fact that he was believing in a fool who was suspected to 新西安夜网 be an evil god.

That’s right. Anderson responded with a smile without a haze, and I didn’t really mean it. Belief, what I recited at the time were all sentences I changed from the name of the god of knowledge and wisdom. Anyway, they don’t like to use their brains. No, they don’t have this thing at all. As long as they pretend to be more religious, they can find a reason. He could be fooled. 西安桑拿网

Without waiting for Danitz to discuss this, he turned to ask:

Why did you suddenly talk about the Aurora?

Danitz bit the barbecue, chewed slowly and swallowed it, deliberately after twenty or thirty. The second said:

Because I remembered one thing, Gehrman Sparrow did not know what he did, and was listed as the main target that must be highly valued by the Aurora Society. By the way, 西安夜网论坛 there is the Spiritual Sect, and I and you They are all people who are recognized as having contact with him.

Let me be careful of the members of the Aurora Society and the Spiritual Order? Anderson suddenly nodded, hehe smiled, similar things, you seem to have said it once recently, the Rose School, the Storm Church, the Ruen Army Fang Si, sometimes, I think Gehrman Sparrow is more suitable as a hunter than me.

It was 西安夜生活网 rare for Danitz to refute, and he focused on empathy.

Anderson thought for a while, and suddenly changed the subject without warning:

What do you want to do when you come to West Belang