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Compared with the snake of fate in Sequence 1, the power he borrowed can last longer.

However, the spell has not changed.

Floating in the air, the old man in the gray robe gave a light smile , Kindly reminded:

Don’t use the ancient Hermes language in front of me.

Hermes is the Hermes who survived the 西安夜生活论坛 Second Age and created the ancient Hermes language? Klein, the source of the angel mental alchemy through the audience approach, was first Surprised, there was a problem immediately with the product:

Hermes was not too willing to participate in the battle to stop himself!

No, maybe it was deliberately displayed, in order to paralyze the way of our audience, the Extraordinary is the best 西安耍耍网 at playing with the hearts of people Klein . such a thought flashed, Lei Nite Ti Nicole has two other heads were used giant Elvish language and reciting said:

! yesterday

that rectangular diamond-like transparent spell instantly ignited the flames, into the void.

bud Nite Tinicole’s body began to swell rapidly, and the four heads in his hands flew up at the same time and landed on his neck.

These four heads became 新西安夜网 illusory one after another, overlapping in one. In an

instant, Renette Tinicole became a huge rag doll like a castle, wearing a black goth with countless mysterious symbols and entwined with evil vines.

His eyes were red as blood. His eyes swept over the Hermes from the ancient times, his closed mouth opened, but there was no sound.

The angel passing by the audience flashed 西安夜生活第一论坛网 a faint light, directly into a rabbit. a glowing

ancient evil things, deformation curse!

that rabbit that did not panic, the body begins to swell and become half a foot peaks size, will be able to kick trampled to death by Klein.

for the audience For the angels of the pathway, I think that I will be strong enough to be strong enough and not be constrained by the external image!

And as the rabbit becomes a monster, 西安耍耍网 subtle changes are found inside the ruins, the real and the illusion are intertwined, l