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on his tinplate police helmet, and the oak baton in his hand violently pounded on the gate.

“In the name of the law, open the door!” Billy scolded loudly.

The young woman’s exclamation came from the door, and then there 西安桑拿网 was a little chaos.

Soon, a forceful voice floating out through the door: “Police, police have nothing to be afraid of us Lily home legitimate business, tax law, not to mention the police, the mayor of Tulum to the harbor?”

In Amidst the pungent hum, the door slammed and opened. A beautiful woman dressed in a big red dress and gorgeously dressed, probably in her forties, held her head up and slammed 西安夜网论坛 her head out of the door. Come.

The “police cop” stared wide, with a sullen face, and the woman who was about to tear Billy like a cockfight saw Joe at a glance, and her voice suddenly fell several times.

“Ah, great Mu, it’s unbelievable, noble Master Qiao, why did you come to the poor Lily’s house? Oh, am I dreaming? It is the brilliance of the benevolent Muteste, shining on Lily Home?” The 西安夜生活网

beautiful woman put her hands on her chest, the expression on her face was more pious and affectionate than the nuns of Yingui Church, and she was also warm and loving.

Little policemen like Billy are not afraid of Lily’s house. They can dominate the Fengyue industry around Feiyu Street. Who doesn’t have three or five backers, five or six friends?

But Joe, the

beautiful woman, Lily remembered the terrible 西安夜生活第一论坛网 scene when she first saw Joe.

It was five years ago when a sailor of the Rittal Rose Chamber of Commerce was jealous at Lily’s house and a sailor of the Turing family. The two sides fought. The sailor of the Rittal family suffered less and was interrupted by his collarbone.

A quarter of an hour later, Joe surrounded Lily’s house with hundreds of Ritto sailors. The Turing sailor and a dozen sailors 西安耍耍网 were directly interrupted and thrown into the sea. If it were not for the timely rescue by the Marine Police Team in Tulum Harbour, it would have killed people.

Lily smiled and sm