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the street. The cowhide boots on his feet had shattered, and the flames spurted from the soles of his feet, and there were flames in the footprints left on the street.

“I, Major General Doron von Boggs of the Empire, bet on my life and 西安桑拿网 honor, and issue a decisive challenge to you!” Major General Tie Dunzi’s body was burning, and wisps of crimson flames rolled from his body with terrible heat. He stepped out and burned out his uniform instantly.

Joe’s eyes widened and he muttered to himself: “What kind of power is this again?”

Laplace’s weak voice sounded in Joe’s mind: “Poor ghosts with no money, don’t ask these questions. Oh. Huo, if you 新西安夜网 now give me two thousand three hundred and fifty-seven golden marks, Laplace, the all-knowing, would be happy to answer your question.”

Joe closed his mouth.

He really has no copper plates all over his body now.

Longinus stared fiercely at Major General Duolong, his pupils gushing with golden light, and the white flames on the surface of his body were burning. He bent down slightly, his hands 西安夜生活论坛 clenched the hilt of the sword, and laughed wildly.

“The duel of the greyhounds of the Durham Empire? Very good, powerful Longinus, the most pious believer of my lord, the most steadfast warrior of my lord, I will chop off your head and let you know what it is to provoke the Holy Inquisition What a stupid thing!”

Longinus, who is more than seven feet tall, and Major General Doron, who is five feet and 西安夜网论坛 eight inches tall, both are scorching high temperatures, one body is burning with white flames, and the other is surrounded by red flames.

The two of them faced each other nearly a hundred feet away, and the air around them was surging, constantly making loud noises.

The duel was about to start. Suddenly, another tall major general suddenly took a few steps forward: “Duolong, since this is a war, we must 西安夜生活第一论坛网 follow the rules of war.”

Another major general of the Imperial Army moved forward. Approaching several steps: “Yes, the rules of war are that there are no r