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e rune system. After all, it was something that made the goblin fight the Titan with a weak body. As long as his brain is not bad, how could he not want it. Moreover, Richard deeply understood the truth of one hero and three gangs. He never pinned his hopes on Liola alone, but sneaked out a sign of a few wild goblins. According to the most ideal prediction, since the system can allow the degraded monster to become a silver giant through the advancement, it may also allow the mentally retarded goblin to retrieve the lost mind. Ideals are beautiful, reality is cruel. The three-level troop tree of goblin beggars, goblin thieves, 西安夜网论坛 and goblin looters is a lesson for Lord Lord. The level of waste in this troop tree is the only thing he has seen in his life. The top soldiers and the first-level soldiers are equally mentally retarded, and even in terms of physical fitness, there is not much improvement. If there is any gain, it is that Richard feels deeply that there is still waste wood that even the system can’t save. But thinking about it afterwards, it is reasonable. From the silver giant to the giant monster, it is the all-round deterioration caused by the low tide of the elements. From the perspective of the silver giant back then, the so-called giant monsters must all be deformed children with underdevelopment. The function of the system is to forcibly turn them back to their original trajectory. This is not only reflected in the monsters, but even the 西安桑拿按摩 entire Ripper Legion has benefited. They are all developing with the second stage of advancement, and their height is generally a lot taller than their counterparts outside, and they look exceptionally strong. But the situation of the wild goblins is different, their hardware configuration is not much different from that of the ancient goblins. The problem is that 西安桑拿按摩 the influence caused by the psychic storm is circulating in the blood, and it can’t be shaken off like a bone-corrupting maggot, covering up the original wisdom. So what the Wilderness Goblin ne