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hed. When he got up, he laughed and coughed a few times in pain, and Galahad’s uncontrollable sword penetrated his chest, leaving many sequelae.

I am really happy to see you all alive and kicking.

The ward was pushed aside at the moment of joy, and two people walked in one after another. It was a perfect contrast. , One person was smiling, and the other was cold.

Ye Xiao carried a fruit basket in his hand, while Xuanfeng took out a large bottle of strong wine from under his clothes in the eyes of the three, and squeezed their eyebrows at them , Make a quiet gesture.

So is it still anonymous this time?

The nun in the lonely church asked the man sitting on the bench. The deerstalker lowered his face. He could only see the bleeding lips and the cold texture.

Yes, as usual. That’s it. The

man replied, and then motioned the nun to leave, looking at the statue of the god in the front, the sun shines through the painted glass, soaking multicolored light on it, and the blurry face is extremely sacred. The

nun nodded and received respectfully He started this expensive grant, and then left 西安夜生活网 the church. This man did this every time he came, gave a donation, and then sat until sunset and left.

She once thought he was looking for a pure land of soul, or God’s salvation , But he never prayed, nor did he need the blessings of the monks. He just sat here simply enjoying the rare peace.

So the nun drove away the children playing around and gave the mysterious guest peace. The only thing she can do.

So the mysterious Mr. Lorenzo Holmes is still a philanthropist?

The man sat beside Lorenzo, keeping a safe distance, then slowly said.

What’s wrong, can’t it?

Lorenzo opened his tired eyes and looked at the man on the other side, barely showing a friendly smile.

It’s just a bit of a surprise. I checked your financial conditions. You will come here to donate every once in a 西安夜网论坛 while. With those funds accumulated, you can already live a good life in Old Dunling, but you haven’t kept it. Tenderness?