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er party, hoping to win To some of Harry’s feelings about himself.

To know that the full set of books will also require a large sum of Gallon. However, the savior still does not have a lot of favor

with him . Later, Potter and his friends drove a flying 新西安夜网 Ford to school, which seemed to him to be nothing more than In order to make a show, Lockhart helped Harry exempt from confinement, asked him to help himself reply to admirers’ letters, and took the opportunity to teach Harry some things about fame and wealth.

However, the plan was not going 西安夜生活论坛 well, even Lockhart did. I can feel Harry Potter trying to avoid him, which is not in line with his original plan.

Therefore, Lockhart changed his plan again. He got a lot of Quidditch tactics and planned to give Harry Start a small stove and teach him how to play Quidditch.

Unfortunately, Harry Potter refused again.

However, contrary to Harry Potter, another Hogwarts genius has a good relationship with him, or He said that the other party took the initiative to approach him, but Lockhart had no intention of using Albert to improve his reputation.

He felt that if he got too close to Albert, the other party might discover his secret.

Albert It feels very bad for Lockhart, especially his eyes. Sometimes it will give him the illusion of being seen through by the other person, just like Albert and him just talked about the restoration of human form used in “Wandering with the Werewolf” When cursing, he could feel that Albert did not have any admiration in his eyes, but he was more curious and anticipating 西安桑拿网 the spell.

That genius was very interested in restoring the humanoid mantra!

If it was the past, teach the other person to restore the human form The curse is undoubtedly an opportunity to pull in the relationship between the two parties. It is a pity that Lockhart would not use this curse at all.

When he heard Albert asking like himself, he almost couldn’t answer it, and finally could only use himself It takes some time for him to sort out the