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back later. After a few drops, he can say everything!” Yifan explained.

Just now I was reminded by Esiah that Ivan remembered that Bok, as the owner of a magic shop, must have some relevant knowledge inheritance. This alchemy knowledge is truly invaluable!

Maybe his alchemy level can be greatly improved 西安桑拿网 again!

No wonder Aysia would interrupt her previous act of killing Bok. Ivan thought so. After

hearing his words , Aysia nodded. She is not good at making potions, so she didn’t think about it at the first time. At this point, use a better way of torture.

Haw… After

Bok was knocked out, the puff pastel in the pool of blood shook off the blood on the fur, and ran to Aysia’s side, and Aysia stretched out his arm and let it climb 西安夜生活论坛 onto his shoulder. .

Seeing such a black fluffy ball quietly staying on Esiah’s body and selling cute, Ivan’s look was very strange.

He hasn’t forgotten how this thing just bit Bok’s nose with a mouth full of fangs.

Those big eyes that seem to be cute, Shui Lingling has an effect similar to that of a fear curse, which can make the viewer fall into fear.

Ivan shook his head. Aisia is really funny enough to transform such a cute thing into a 西安夜生活第一论坛网 murderous weapon…I

don’t know that George and Fred, who are the developers, saw the alchemy they had made. What would it be like to be transformed into a creature like this?

Maybe get excited?

Ivan threw these thoughts out of his mind, and listened to the sound of fighting from a short distance before speaking. “Mom… you are looking at Bok 西安夜网论坛 here, I’ll help Fren and the others!”

Aysia hesitated and nodded. She still recognized Ivan’s strength, except Bok, a dangerous person who needs special attention Besides, other people should not pose much threat to Ivan.

After getting Aysia’s consent, Ivan ran to the place where the sound was closest.

“Shen Feng Wuying!”

“Blood to pieces!”

Ivan is like the fire captain, every time he rushes to a place, he cooperates with the 西安夜生活网 werewolf wizards to solve their opponents