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sidents in the small town know the basics, so it is judged that the strange young man may be a student of the school or a new resident who has just lived here for a short time. 西安夜网论坛

“Sir, are you a believer?” Father Stella asked with a smile.

“No.” The unfamiliar young man said politely: “I just passed by here, so come in and see if you are not a believer, can you not participate? I don’t know, because no one outside the door prevents me from coming in.” The

priest haha He smiled and said: “We welcome anyone to come and welcome you, new guests. You can tell your troubles here, don’t care about other people’s eyes, and don’t be shy about the unspeakable things in your heart, because we will help you. . ” ”

I do nothing trouble. “young man shook his head and said:.” really, I’m just more interested in here, so come listen, feel ”

the faithful are not angry, no more Stella priest, he He just smiled and nodded, “I hope you won’t be troubled by troubles in the future. I will give you blessings, young man.”

Of course it is just a verbal blessing. If it is really another blessing, Vasco will probably not be able to bear it. , Came forward and dragged Father Stella directly away from the Holy Power, and he could not show it in front of ordinary people at will, unless they were all believers.

Although it has not reached the point of rejection, Vasco is not interested in people who 西安夜生活论坛have no faith in his heart.

“Young man, how do you feel? If you feel good, you can consider joining the club. I will be your recommender.” An uncle in the room smiled at this time: “It’s a small place, not like a big city. The rules are very simple. You just nod your head.”

Generally speaking, they seem overzealous.

“I think… there is no need for this for the time being.” The young man shook his head slightly and said, “Thank you for your kindness, sir.”

Having expressed rejection twice in succession, naturally no one will force this strange young man to force this young man. After all, the church is not a compul