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al spirit comes from the elemental world. She should have lived freely in the elemental world, and unlocked her primary wisdom there. , She shouldn’t appear in our world, she shouldn’t wander alone like this, and she is still growing, she can cling to you and grow slowly.”

“When the spirit is not activated, the water elemental spirit is Completely unconscious, she has no ability to think before she has awakened primary wisdom. Everything about it depends on her 新西安夜网 instinct. As for why she always follows you, I am also very curious about this. Maybe you have her in your body. Nostalgia or something she is familiar 西安夜生活第一论坛网 with.”

Then, he asked me unwillingly: “Before coming, Heidi, I never mentioned to you. At the Imperial Academy of Magic, you can go to the library if you encounter some troubles. Come find me here?”

I shook my head blankly. I was sure that Mentor Heidi hadn’t said this, because the words she said to me were few and far between. In her eyes, there seemed to be only the shadow of Sister Guoguo.

Shaun Scholar shook his head helplessly, and only said, “Her cold personality hasn’t changed at all for so many years!”

I nodded in agreement.

Sean stretched his tail finger into the tea cup, dipped a little tea, and then drew a simple six-pointed star magic circle 西安耍耍网 on the table, and then placed a round and clear crystal ball in the center of the circle and gently wiped it with his hand On the smooth and clean surface of the magic crystal ball, some fuzzy blue mist disappeared, and a fuzzy shadow appeared inside. It was a world full of various elemental creatures, and then Shaun Scholar began to explain to me.

He glanced at Sister Guoguo again, and said: “Each elemental world will be constrained by the power of the laws of the plane. Under normal circumstances, the elemental spirits can stay on our plane for a short time and rely on nothing more than a contract. Power or summoning power, but both of these powers only allow elemental elves to stay for a short time. There are very few such unco