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days to finally reach Hyderabad.

The temperature plummeted, and it had reached about minus ten degrees.

The heavy snow of goose feathers fell, and the world was silvery white, and even the large and small rivers flowing through Hyderabad were frozen by ice and snow. In Hyderabad Palace, a group of royal swans kept their heads dumb, wailing mournfully in the snow and ice.

Unable to adapt to the ice and snow in the north at all, Joe, wearing a full set of white bearskin jackets, stood trembling on the terrace of Salian’s bedroom, playing the game he learned from a little palace lady yesterday.

He had a thermos bottle by his hand, he was carrying a water glass, poured boiling water into the glass, and then forced the water in the glass to the sky.


As soon as the steaming boiling water was sprinkled on the sky, the ice crystals that quickly turned into a big canopy fell one after another.

Joe smiled’hehehe’, he was a little bit happy about this naive game.

Interesting, so interesting.

In 西安夜生活论坛 Tulum Port, there is no chance to play such a game. How can this kind of dripping ice occur in Tulum Port where the temperature is above 25 degrees all year round?

A puff of white ice crystals spouted continuously in the air, and Qiao’s vigorous laughter spread far away with the cold wind.

Inside the palace, in an office, Salian was standing behind the floor-to-ceiling windows, frowning at Joe standing on the distant terrace: “This kid is like an eight-year-old…”

Mata XIII station Beside Salian, he raised his wine glass in a very good mood: “The childlike innocence, this is a good thing.”

Salian sighed and shook his head. He turned around, looked at Mata XIII, and asked very seriously. He: “I didn’t ask him about the origin of those drawings. Did you find any useful information on your side?” 新西安夜网

Mata XIII was silent.

After spending a little more than a week, many things have been verified on the drawings that Joe gave.

New artillery with amazing range.

A new type of shell with grea