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ey dare to bite against monsters in the wilderness when they are crazy. Most people are really not their opponents. In the distance, a barbarian drove the horse under the hip to leave the team and ran towards the Midoran Fortress. Under the gate of Midoran fortress, this sturdy barbarian with oil paint on his face reined in his horse, and looked at the people drawing bows on the wall with contempt. I am Perma Khan! Chief of the Muro clan! The leader of this army! Ask your chief to come out and talk! The city wall, Viscount Nanoxia said loudly. I am the highest commander of the Frontier Army of the Lowe Kingdom——Namixia Simmel! Say something quickly! Nano Xia? ! I have heard of you! Perma Khan’s tone suddenly rose a little,西安夜网论坛 and asked angrily. Who gives you the courage! How dare to slaughter the people of Sandonaar! Do you dare to go out of the city to fight to the death with me? ! Dare not! The natural tone of Viscount Namxia made the Barbarian Chief choke, and the originally written lines could not be said. The scene was very embarrassing. Chapter 283 After the gathering of the wind and clouds for a while, Barbarian Chief-Permahan reacted and asked angrily. You coward! Where did your honor as a soldier go? ! Viscount Namxia sneered. Challenge an old man, is the honor of what you call a soldier? ! Chief Permahan opened his mouth and could not speak. That’s right, Viscount Namxia is only a high-ranking fighter, and he is more than fifty years old. He has already passed the peak age of a fighter. Coupled with years of hard work, his hair is half white, and he is already an old man from the outside. While Permahan is at his peak age in his thirties, challenging the fifty-something Viscount Nam Xia, he is indeed suspected of bullying his old age. Ulando, Viscount Namxia’s adjutant, sneered loudly. Actually challenge a gray-haired elder! What about the honor of a soldier! I have never seen such a 西安全城安排网brazen person! The soldiers on the wall laughed. Perma Khan was furious. You cowardly crap! How dare to insul