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leu said softly. The

never extinguished anger, this is The most perfect fuel,

Lorenzo said lightly, it is hard to imagine what kind of hot boiling hidden under this calm expression.

That kind of anger made Lorenzo survive 西安夜网论坛 on the night of the Holy Prophet, and it was this kind of anger that made him cross the obstacles to Old Dunling, and it was this kind of anger 新西安夜网 that made him draw out the nail sword again.

For me, at that time Not to mention sacrificing Eve, even if I die myself, as long as I can kill Master Lawrence, I will be satisfied.

So I am so indifferent to life.

Looking up, Lorenzo took a cigarette and he Looking at the sky, the clouds are hazy.

Tsk, is it just that?

Seleu performance far exceeded Lorenzo’s expectations, she said with a face of disdain, as if she didn’t care about Lorenzo’s speech.

Lorenzo, do you know? In fact, you should go to hell.

The most perfect death for you is to die with the demons. As

she talked, she started acting. There were many strange expressions on her indifferent little face. the claws.

think about it, Mr. Hall great Yarmouth after a night of fighting, cut off all the weapons, and 西安耍耍网 finally he began with the fist, claw, with all the weapons he can use to fight the enemy with the teeth.

bite Break the throat of the monsters, and choke them to the ground with your elbows. Exhausted, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 you were penetrated by the monsters, and finally died against the rising sun.

Seleu performed the tragedy of death, and no one would have thought that her facial expression was so rich. .

in fact, you really guess just fine, as long as nothing to think like demons there.

but Lorenzo do you think your life a bit too monotonous yet? The only difference between you and those ascetics is that you are an ascetic who fights and kills. Every day before going to sleep, you still chant the holy words, hoping that the sword will be sharper when you cut the monster.

She continued to talk like a stubborn.

Yawei 西安夜生活论坛 has taken me to dinners of many big names. In fac