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speaking, she seemed a little embarrassed by this slightly naive behavior, and the heart island faithfully reflected this.

After a pause, Audrey continued:

During this process, I found that I was getting better and better at the power of the potion. Then one day, I felt that something in my body was smashed and broken, it 西安夜生活第一论坛网 merged into my blood, and it made me vaguely see one after another. An illusory star, Mr. Rambis, what does this mean?

Well, I don’t know why. From that day on, I was determined that I could become a’hypnotist’. This may be a subconscious hint.

After speaking, Audrey deliberately let On the island of the soul, he stuck out his tongue like a child and performed behaviors that he would not normally do, to prove that he was really a bit embarrassed just now, because there is no difference between playing a psychologist and playing a princess when he was a child.

And embarrassment is often just that. It means that the truth is told

. Herben Rambis gently nodded and said: He

is very talented, and he has figured out how to play. How to

play? Audrey showed surprise and confusion both inside 西安夜生活网 and outside, immediately. With some enlightenment.

Hvin Rambisci and smiled: It

is the meaning you understand, play according to the name of the potion, and summarize the corresponding rules. This is an effective way to digest potions and reduce negative effects.

However, before Sequence 6, we did not encourage members to use this method to speed up the digestion of potions, so we would not teach it. Who knows, but you figured it out yourself.

Why not advocate? Audrey asked sincerely in doubt.

Herben Rambis sighed and said:

This will make the members less like themselves, and some will even be assimilated by the residual influence in the potion.

Simply put, the first three sequences slowly master the power, a little bit Adapting to the extraordinary, making the self-awareness deeper, more distinct and more mature, will help to fight against some of the problems caused by th