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etend to be very good. Although we are a precarious 西安夜生活论坛patient, we still pretend to be healthy. As

Joey talked, he turned his gaze to Lorenzo, the detective didn’t seem to care about the conversation just now, what kind of illness was crazy, these words became as common as dead leaves on the roadside in his life.

Thinking of this, Joey can’t help feeling a strange feeling.His life is related to madness, but at least he has not fully integrated into it.Joy still has a part of his normal life, but Lorenzo is different. He has been crazy here since childhood. To survive in the world of the world, until now, this terrible madness is just like ordinary daily life in his eyes.

Joey couldn’t help asking.

Lorenzo, don’t you have any flaws or dark sides?

The dark side of defects?

Lorenzo thought about it carefully, and then laughed.

I, 西安夜网论坛 Lorenzo Holmes is invincible, how could I have that kind of thing?

Defects and dark sides, Lorenzo really does not seem to have such a thing, no matter what the circumstances, he maintains absolute sanity, even when facing powerful enemies such as Lawrence, he does not have the slightest fear.

No, It’s also possible that you are used to these things, like you are stuck in a quagmire without knowing it, Joey said.

In his In the eyes of humans, there is no invincibility, as long as they are humans, they must have defects, and this is also the case with the invincible demon hunter in the world. Perhaps Lorenzo has just not realized his shortcomings until now.

Maybe you also have some Strange mental illness, but you have not realized it. After

listening to Joey, Lorenzo said in silence for a while.

Does slashing the demon count?

Oh, in fact, I used to think that every time I hacked a monster, I was so happy. If the monster can also have human emotions, I might be a crazy murderer in their eyes. Damn it.

西安桑拿网 This man is inexplicably proud.

But Joey, where are we going?

Looking out the window, the street scenery gradually became prosperous, and it seemed t