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e out from the room .

a small body from the bed near the door sat up, lazy a 西安夜网论坛 lazy stretch waist, Rubao like silver hair flowing behind him, rubbed his eyes sleepily to look around.

“Oh here Is it?”

Elena yawned slightly, subconsciously squeezed the soft velvet pillow in her arms, and looked around in confusion.

Her body is a warm and comfortable bed, with a four-poster bed, and there are around forty-five look like the same 西安夜生活论坛 bed, looking as if it was the legendary aristocratic school dormitory.

Staring at the foot of the bed With the dark red flannel curtain hanging down, Elena’s eyes slowly focused, and she finally recalled that she seemed to be grilling fish by the lake before, and then met Professor McGonagall, and the last conversation between the two was

Hogwarts ?!

“there will not be”

Elena suddenly jumped out of bed, barefoot step on the shaggy 西安桑拿网 carpet rushed to the front of the room.

greet in front of the rotunda is a familiar, filled with soft The armchair, opposite the extinguished fireplace, there are two spiral staircases each leading to two rooms, and she is standing at the door of one of the rooms. On

the wall of the hall, there are several paintings hanging, along with Elena Suddenly, the 西安夜生活论坛 characters in the painting raised their heads to look at her, whispering to each other.

“Gryffindor lounge?” Elena, who was holding on to the top railing of the spiral ladder, let out a weak moan of complex meaning The

moving magical portrait, the big bed in the dormitory, the color combination of scarlet and gold, and the lounge that has appeared in her dreams in her previous life countless times, when these information are combined, it is 西安夜生活网 already for her It was enough to infer where it was.


At the same time, the air

beside Elena suddenly made a small explosion. A strange creature appeared next to her. It was small and as big as a bat. He has ears, protruding green eyes the size of a tennis ball, and has a relatively long and flat nose.

“Miss Kaslana, welcome t