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on the body, he couldn’t find any other reasonable explanation. His spiritual origin is not 西安夜网论坛 stronger than that of ordinary people, and his body has grown to ten years old when he took over, and his space for play is limited, so he can still have such an obvious effect. And Elizabeth, as a miracle piled up by massive spiritual fragments, is inevitable that the strength of the soul is incredible. It has been subtle since the egg period, which is far easier than taking over halfway. So the extremely strong spiritual guidance caused a complete reincarnation. Although the final result is incredible, looking back to the roots, in fact, Elizabeth herself is truly incredible. And it is obvious that even if the spirit is as strong as hers, she still cannot completely ignore some of the characteristics of the original egg-otherwise there should not be eight short limbs on both sides of the skull. Elizabeth didn’t have any sense of belonging to sand spiders from beginning to end. 西安耍耍网 These short limbs represented the part of heredity that could not be completely erased no matter how powerful spiritual guidance was. When Richard talked about the general idea with the people around him, he immediately gained the approval of others. Doesn’t she 西安桑拿网 have the ability to switch bodies infinitely and never die? Higuain stammered with his mouth half open. Children his age have pure instincts in their heads, and they often like to scare themselves in a powerful direction. You are wrong. With the deepening of the cultivation of the Holy Words, Lord Lord has gradually realized the inexplicable mysterious relationship between the mind and the body, and there are personal experiences as examples to deepen his understanding. Now that she has a body, it means that her body and soul have started to bridge each other, and there has been a bond since then. Believe it or not, the time I killed her, let alone her half life. Three quarters, I lost three quarters of my soul origin. Elizabeth looked at Richard coldly. The anger that kept su