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behavior of grabbing the head, he saw that the battle between Kuroroa and the dragon was so thrilling, and Haggs did not Dare to wipe a cold sweat.

But 新西安夜网 even so, he still remembered his identity, and while watching the battle, he began to quickly command the werewolves of the guard to rescue the scene of the disaster.

“Old man! Don’t fight above the stockade! Stay away! We don’t have much farmland left!” Haggs didn’t even snarled in a hurry.

Kurolua frowned at this time and gradually felt a sense of powerlessness.

Still old after all.

He couldn’t help smiling, 西安耍耍网 and then took a sharp breath. Instead of bombarding Fafner’s back, he climbed directly onto Fafner’s head, grabbing Fafner’s dragon horns directly with both hands.

It’s not as simple as just grabbing the dragon’s horn, and it needs a special place in this huge dragon’s horn, and with special strength, can it bring uncomfortable feeling to the golden dragon.

Even during the 西安夜网论坛 riot, Fafner couldn’t help groaning when the key areas were concentrated by this professional technique.

Kuloluya didn’t care about the weirdness of this boy at this time, but suddenly said: “Anyway, I’m going to see

Bairegang ‘s simply let it go! Save some time!” Then, Kuloya’s arm muscles Bulging, grabbing the dragon’s horns abruptly, twisting Fafner’s head and heading in a certain direction, “Don’t worry, I will treat you 西安夜生活论坛 well on the way! The offspring of old Fafner! You will definitely regret it for a lifetime. Come to the field of labor and capital!”

Under the control of Kuroroya and violence, Favner made a strange cry again, then cut through the sky, and instantly rushed out of the stockade and flew from here. After the entire werewolf leader, there is a neutral chaos area, and after passing the fifth chaos area, it is the territory of the thirteen vampire clan.

“Kuloloya! Kuloloya!!” The werewolves and orcs in the

stockade, cheering their heroes heartily at this time, once again saved the stockade from the crisis.

At this time, the young lord of