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uncomfortable after fusing the blood of the unicorn.

“No, it’s better than imagined.” Ivan shook his head hurriedly, and 西安耍耍网 patted his chest to show that his talent has exploded and his strength has improved.

And it only requires concentration to greatly increase the speed of thinking. You can learn all kinds of spells as soon as you learn, but it consumes more energy (grade points).

Ivan almost pushed all the abnormal phenomena in his body to the fusion of blood.

Although Aysia couldn’t believe that she could get so many benefits after fusion of blood, but the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 facts were placed in front of her, and she couldn’t help but believe it.

After all, “The Origin of Blood” does mention that this method can improve the wizard’s talent.

“Dougert said that the mysterious spell that you used to defeat the law enforcement team is your newly acquired bloodline magic?” It took a long time for Esiah to completely digest this 西安夜网论坛 information, and then he remembered it. .

“Yeah.. That’s it… the guard of God!” Ivan waved his magic wand, and for the first time fully demonstrated his blood magic in front of Aisia-the shadow of the unicorn!

The white mist came from the wand. The tip of the swelled out, and finally gathered into an illusory and holy creature.

It stepped on the void, surrounded by white mist and light and shadow, raised its neck, faintly exuding a powerful aura.

As soon as Ivan’s thoughts moved, the illusory 西安桑拿网 patron saint rushed towards the table and chair on the right, as fast as lightning, pulling out a long white shadow in the air.

In an instant, I moved to a chair, and my illusory body passed directly through it, and then the body was lifted out of the original wooden table from the horn of the virtual reality, 西安夜生活论坛 and then passed through another chair in the next second. Past…

Aysia stared intently. Although she had heard Dougte boast about how powerful this spell was before, she didn’t know the power of this spell until Ivan showed it.

This attack mode is simply impossible to guard ag