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r. Ivan decided 西安夜生活网 that no matter what happened next time, he could not squander his magic power again. This experience was really uncomfortable.

Ivan looked around, and the table beside him was piled with various gifts, most of which were small gifts such as candies, but there were also small cards with words such as blessings.

Harry was not seen on the hospital bed next to him, 西安夜生活论坛and he may have been discharged from the hospital before he woke up.

新西安夜网 “So, how long have I been asleep?” Ivan felt that his stomach was empty. If a whole roasted whole lamb was placed in front of him, he would surely be able to eat it all.

“No, where’s my Philosopher’s Stone?” Ivan searched all over but didn’t find it, his face drooped.

It was definitely Dumbledore who took the Philosopher’s Stone that he had so hard to grab while 西安耍耍网 he was in a coma.

This made Ivan a little worried about whether his task was considered complete, so he hurriedly opened the system’s task list and looked at it.

He remembered that he should have grabbed the head…

[Task: Promise of revenge.

Task objective: Kill Quirrell (completed).

Task description: Your trustworthy behavior has gained Cecilia’s favor and trust, although not It’s a shame to witness the death 西安桑拿网 of the enemy with your own eyes, but it is still willing to fight for you… if you know how to summon it…]

[Task: Loot the Philosopher’s Stone

Quest Objective: Hold for five minutes or kill the strange Luo (completed)

quest reward: related alchemy knowledge (whether to receive it)

Quest description: In addition to those crappy levels, in the final asymmetrical battle, you turned the situation around with luck and shameless tactics, despite the process Not to be praised, but it is still an epic victory!]

Seeing that both missions have been completed, Ivan breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that losing the Philosopher’s Stone will not affect the outcome of the mission.

However, the description of the task of grabbing the Philosopher’s Stone made Ivan quite d