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ce area. There is actually a wooden platform at the exit, and the speaker on it is enthusiastically answering everyone’s questions. Probably there was warm food in the stomach, and even the cold wind was not as strong as before. The three people of Snakeya couldn’t help slowing down, and followed the crowd slowly toward the wooden platform. You asked the prince why the prince distributes relief food. The question is good, and the person said enthusiastically, because His Royal Highness is determined to completely remove the rats in the fortress. If you go out, those people who have been intimidated by rats and have to obey their orders for food can be completely liberated. They no longer need to be threatened by them. At the same time, some families who don’t have enough food can also get through this difficult situation. This is the kindness of your Highness. You said earlier that the porridge will only be distributed until the end of the evil moon. Then someone asked aloud what to do after that. The sound at the scene suddenly subsided a lot, most people will be waiting for the other party’s answer, and the snake’s teeth also pricked their ears. It’s simple, you can feed yourself, the preacher laughed. I don’t know how to farm to feed myself. Sir, can you make it more clear. Don’t worry. Let me tell you slowly. He waved his hand. After the evil moon is over, Longsong Fortress and Border Town will merge into a new city. The land in between will need a lot of workers to cultivate and build. , This is your way to support yourself. Work. Only work can create wealth, and only work can change your destiny. You will get a stable salary. This money can not only support yourself, but also support your family. At the same time, your Highness promises that everyone has one. Anyone who has a formal job will be accepted as the leader of the new city. His words caused a wave of waves in the crowd, and Snake Fang felt his heart beat quickly. Yes, I know what you are thinking, the preacher said loudly, there are many rats am