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tely shifted to the golden coins. Thank you, Sir, for remembering that you are now taking care of her on behalf of Your Highness. Do you understand? Yes, Sir, I will take good care of Axia. Wendy couldn’t help the annoyance in her heart anymore after leaving the community. Why would you give the reward to that kind of person even if it was paid in advance, that is the reward that Axia deserves. Can Axia keep the Golden Dragon scroll answering Wendy’s surprise. If she can’t keep it, she will sooner or later fall into the hands of her family. If she can keep it, it will be even worse. I am afraid that those people will completely treat her as an outsider. On the contrary, if it is directly handed over to her mother, Axia not only has no burden, they might treat her better because of it. The days to come will be very long. If Golden Dragon can exchange for a more comfortable living environment, it might not be a cost-effective business. She thought for a while before she said, you are right, I think too simple. The successive defeats made Wendy feel very depressed. She thought with some sadness that perhaps she was not the right person to lead the Witch League at all. However, no one cares about them more than you. The scroll seems to see through her thoughts and smiled. After experiencing the mutual aid association led by Hakkala, I realized that a person who cares about witches, regardless of their abilities, is willing to be a sister People who put themselves into consideration are the most trustworthy leaders. And that is the point that you cannot replace. To be continued. Text Chapter 468 After returning half a month later, Roland finally set foot on his way home. After sweeping away the four big families and the Black Street Mouse with the power of thunder, Longsong Fortress temporarily became a piece of white paper that others could do. Various relief and resettlement measures are being carried out in an orderly manner. Although the golden dragons and grains found from the Maple Leaf Run Wolf and Wild Rose Te