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e monkeys for the time being. meaning.

“Perhaps, they treat us as food?” Master Karen couldn’t help frowning at the current situation, and he could only guess in this direction.

This guess has never been confirmed.

Soon, the three of Master Karen and others were sent to a huge cave.

From here, the apes who transported them suddenly changed a batch.

And this new batch of apes came out of this cave, and to the surprise of Master Karen and Kukai, this new batch of apes, although they also have six arms, are wearing something that looks obvious. Quite advanced equipment.

The feeling of disharmony spontaneously arises, especially for Master Karen, he even has a feeling of seeing primitive people directly put on the magic equipment of the underwater city.

But after being sent into the cave, this sense of incongruity became even stronger. At this time, in front of Master Karen and Kukai, the painting style suddenly changed.

Inside this cave, it turned out to be a huge space, and the surrounding walls were made of metal like a huge warehouse.

They even saw many huge instruments, which were neatly stacked on top of these huge instruments in the corner of the warehouse, but many were already covered with moss and even two weeds grew.

This is a civilization that is different from the demonic civilization of the underwater city. It is somewhat like a technology on the number, but it is obviously much more advanced.

In the cage, Master Karen gradually became alarmed until a new group of 西安桑拿网 six-armed monkeys appeared in front of them.

Just at this time.

One of them is almost half taller than the average six-armed apes. Four of the six arms are holding one-eyed apes similar to spears and artillery weapons. Suddenly they walked up, knocked on the cage, and said, “I am Kingdom General Baturu, from now on, you are my property.”

Master Karen instantly glanced at Kukai.

They could 西安夜生活第一论坛网 hear every word clearly, even the meaning of these words after they were joined together. They also knew very well