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n schoolmates, and the rest is Draco to understand it himself.

And, today The rest of the time will be busy.

Although it is the weekend, the breakfast at Hogwarts is still as luxurious as ever. To

be more precise, as Elena continues to try new dishes in the kitchen, 西安桑拿网 The style of the Hogwarts breakfast has become more and more abundant, and it has almost maintained the speed of introducing a new product every two days.

Eggs Benedict, toast with cheese jam, hot pancakes, potato omelets, grilled sausages, pan-fried Bacon, various jams, cube-shaped butter, caviar prepared with cream,

and strangely, there are scattered candies on the table. According to the house elves, this 西安夜生活第一论坛网 is Dumbledore’s personal request. It does not affect the overall dining experience, so Elena didn’t bother to object after asking about the reason.

However, in the face of such a rich and delicious breakfast, the expressions on the faces of the students in the school did not have any excitement. especially during the meal silence, as if at last enjoying a delicious life the same.


Just 西安夜生活网 after today’s breakfast is over, they will follow the deans of their respective colleges and go to the land allocated to their colleges to start a very meaningful “study farming” activity, which is farming.

And more importantly, , Starting today, the food on the table of each dean is no longer exactly the same.

Except for the meat that Hogwarts is temporarily unable to support itself, and some basic staple foods, all vegetables, fruits, and some ingredients, all Will be derived from the output of the vegetable field cultivated by each college.

For example, if all the coriander grown at Ravenclaw College died, then they would be on the table for a while. There will be no more coriander. For the

same reason, if Gryffindor planted all the land with potatoes in one breath, then before the potatoes are finished, 西安耍耍网 there will be no other things on their table. Vegetables.

As for what vegetables to grow and how many to grow,