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fold up, and continued to unfold, almost obscuring the surrounding light.

The dreamy armor plate condensed like ice crystals, and the extremely violent blue dragon eyes were reflected in Long Zeer’s eyes for the first time. He instinctively sensed the danger, and immediately took the iron black straight sword, jumped out to the side, and rolled to the ground away from the 西安桑拿网 original standing position.

Almost at the same time, the frost dragon, the king of the north, opened. Mouth, spit out a distorted, quiet and open icy blue flame into the cave, where it passes, the void is transparent, all condensed!

After an instant, the icy blue flame set off a wave of dreamy light, surging crazily Entering the dark and secluded cave, everything along the way will be frozen.

Although Klein’s mind is still flashing fantasy angels, the words Adam can not help but think of Emperor Roselle’s description of the Twilight Hermitage-purpose It is the original creator of the resurrection, the high-ranking person with the’audience’ approach, and even the’uniqueness’. The way to gather members is through a real dream connecting the east and the west of the mainland, and as long as their name is mentioned, they can immediately Perceived, but still instinctively reacted to the danger.

He threw sideways and quickly dodged to the unevenness of the cave, trying to use the rock in front to block the next attack.

However, the turbulent blue light of ice was like The tide flooded every place, and everything was sealed in ice. In the cramped environment 西安夜生活论坛 of the cave, there was no safe area for the target.

Seeing that the surrounding was about to become an ice coffin, a huge gray-blue figure appeared. In Klein’s sight.

The giant Grossel stood silently in front of him, knelt down on his left knee, buried his back, and inserted the broad and straight giant sword in front of him.

The light like the morning light then lit up, and in Gro Searle cast an illusory wall on the left and right, protecting everyone behind. The