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then used a whip to kill him. In addition, he controlled the food supply of several rat groups in the neighborhood, and no one dared to have any disrespect in front of him. The same is true of Snake Tooth, he Kneeling cautiously in front of the opponent, repeating the news he heard. “The Lord of the City wants to attack us? Kanash frowned, “What kind of wind is this blowing?” “It’s not the city lord,” Snake Tooth reminded cautiously, “that person has always been talking about His Royal Highness.” “You know what a fart!” He took a sip, “No matter how big aristocrats are, they won’t work well in other people’s places.” This is the Longsong Fortress, not the border town or the royal capital. Without the approval of the Elk Family, he could do nothing. What about the nominal guardian of the West? Just look at who is sitting in the castle. What kind of king is still in charge of Greycastle in name. Who cares about his orders? “You are right,” a woman beside Kanash said softly, “Furthermore, even if the sky changes above, it has nothing to do with us.” Nobles are nobles, and mice are mice. Regardless of whether they live in the same city, they are actually not a kind of person at all. “A mouse is a mouse?” I like to hear these words,” Kanash squeezed the woman’s ass, “but the second news is a bit strange. According to the past, the noble If you want to make a good reputation, you will notify us in advance. And the release is limited. Why does it sound like they want to feed the whole city? No one can answer this question, but Snake Tooth knows that at this time everyone is thinking about the two bowls of free oatmeal. “Could it be the master above who wants to scrape the benefits from Lord Bloodhand?” “The woman chuckled. “Who knows,” Kanash shrugged, “I’ll go to the boss to ask later, only he knows about this kind of aristocratic matters.” “The so-called blood hand is the king of the Western District. I heard that he had close contacts with some small nobles. In a sense, he is no longer a pure mouse, but an “undergr