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d twins of the Skal people could easily lead to dystocia. Once dystocia and thin pregnant women could hardly survive, reproduction was extremely difficult. Yo, there are still believers in the natural sect? The lord was taken aback. Everything is the mantra of the Nature Sect. He thought that this kind of antique had long since disappeared. Buckland proudly took out a golden oak leaf pendant from the neckline and showed it to Richard. This is the emblem most used by the Nature Sect. grown ups. A Skal in leather fast boots ran up to Richard. This is the leader of their tribe, his name is Abu, a typical young and strong sect. Originally, it was his idea to go to Pompeii Sagre, but it was also his decision to turn to Alpine Castle halfway. What do you think of us here? Lord Lord asked with a smile. Very prosperous! The needle-shaped pupils in Abu’s eyes were slightly dilated due to excitement. The Skars shocked the Alpine Fort, but they themselves were shocked by the Alpine Fort. It’s no secret that there is a pioneering lord from Pompeii here. Wildernesses of a little bit of power know it, but if Abu hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe it, he would have developed to this point. He hadn’t seen the huge gathering area around the hills, and there were too many people to watch. Hundreds of blacksmiths and dozens of blast furnaces started working together, and the scene of billowing smoke dazzled the unseen bun, and it did not prosper like a wilderness. The adult warriors of the Sgar tribe had already secretly assembled in advance, with a total of 70 or 80. When arranging the resident, Richard divided the potions by the way, watched them swallow them all, and began to check the system panel. Like the barbarians, the Skars have a very simple way to advance their units. Starting from the lowest-ranked Skall militia cavalry, and up there are the Skall twin cavalry, the Skall elite twin cavalry, and the Skall champion twin cavalry, all the way to the highest-rank Skall Rage Cavalry. There i